Philip Glass. 


Peggy Sue.

Dog on burgers

In Peggy Sue nobody ever talks, and the jukebox is mute. If Buddy Holly was alive, he would break into the bar as he did in 1957 on Arthur Murray’s Dance Party with The Crickets. The waitress would stand over a table to announce – if you haven’t heard of these young men, then you must be the wrong age, because they’re rock ‘n’ roll speciallists! – . And dogs walking over burgers will stroll around asking for tips. Stop. Peggy Sue with cheese, onion rings and a glass of lemonade. Nobody talks. William Hundley makes pictures. Kind of sweet.


Peggy Sue – John Lennon

Peggy Sue – The Beach Boys


Making a mural like this one is cool. Making a mural like this one and a party on the studio is cream.

Until the end.

Fuck it good or don’t fuck it. Don’t half fuck it. If you are already on the way, keep going. There is no point in falling from a first floor when you can fall from the top. Fear smells like shit. Kiss her or be her friend for the rest of your life. Live dangerousluy until the end. Be a Jean Paul Belmondo in Breathless.


Nothing really matters – Los Superelegantes



Smile. Smile or I whip your ass. Smile or I will pull out your lips and wrap them over your head. Smile, or I put a lightened cracker on your mouth. Smile, or I put this hat on your head. Shit, smile.

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toilet paper

I think, therefore I’m scared. I’m not scared. I mean scared scared. Cats never think when they jump from a seventh floor. I never do it when I go to my bathroom anymore. What could happend? My flatmate just told me that last year they found a one meter long snake on the toilet of our house. That she escaped from the pet shop next to our building. And slithered up to the toilet of the first floor of the number 29 of the street. Up to the same toilet I pee every morning. And now the light has blown. And I have to pee, without light and without thinking. Have you ever tried to pee without thinking? And if you can’t think when you’re peing, can you pee? Well, fear makes you pee. But fear is a consequence of thinking; I think. 


Sweet Rosie – Hugg&Pepp 



We want to go there. Go far. Go in a Harley Davidson. Without breaks. Whithout looking back. Go fast. Go alone. Go and find some friends on the way. Go crazy. Go and let inertia do the work. Go with the five senses. Or with no sense at all. Go dancing. Go go go. Go and write it. Go because we  think we have to go there. Go when we need it. Go and find it. Go until the end. And go further. It’s just a door.


We will be there – Jack Peñate