Love is also useful to fix the table.



Love is also useful to fix the table is the title of a lovely book about love. Done by Spanish advertising creatives Jon Lavin and Edu Vea Keating (also known as NosE in the street art world). Inside there is a reserved space to express your love. Everyone can send his/her creation-contribution to I wrote this microstory. The translation to English would be:

He stares at her with watery eyes from his side of the bed.

The Chanel Nº5 smell of the sheets provokes tickles in his stomach and a knot in the throat. Then, he delicately caresses her Ramones t-shirt.

After whispering in her ear that he wishes her and kissing her lips, he can hardly close his eyes.

When he wakes up, she is spread around the floor in 1000 pieces. And the dog licks his nose putting a motherfucker face, saying with his eyes that he also misses her.

Lovely tunes:

Let\’s make love from above – Cansei de Ser Sexy

Now you love me – The Dandy Warhols


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